Whether you′ve got a single store, several locations, or an expanding chain, Zuzapp provides businesses of any type with an affordable and customized mobile customer engagement app. You already have a great website, now is your opportunity to extend your marketing and sales initiatives to your customers′ mobile devices.

For only $49 /month Zuzapp provides businesses with a stunning branded mobile customer engagement app and communications solution to help you better engage your mobile customers and grow your business.

Zuzapp enables businesses to affordably deliver a localized and personalized mobile experience for their customers. Zuzapp gives businesses a proven solution to generate more revenue; improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy; and boost online reviews.

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Key Features

  • Geo–targeted Push Notifications - enhance the customer experience by sending captivating pop–up alerts to customers′ smartphones.
  • Mobile Coupons - increase customer spend, drive in more traffic and boost satisfaction.
  • eCommerce Store - Increase sales and conversion rates directly inside the mobile app.
  • Loyalty Rewards - foster loyalty and reward customers for making frequent visits and purchases.
  • Surveys -Capture critical customer insight on their experience and satisfaction.
  • Call for Action - achieve your goals by prompting customers with a specific call–for–action i.e. appointment, redeem offer, attend event, etc.
  • Online Reviews - increase reviews by digitally prompting customers to quickly and easily provide a review with one touch of a button.
  • Customer Messaging & Texting - improve customer satisfaction and recovery by allowing customers to make a request, share a concern and make a suggestion.
  • Viral Messaging - Send promotions with incentives your customers want to share with their friends and colleagues i.e. specials, contests and events.
  • Events - increase attendance by publishing and promoting events and activities directly to customers′ smart devices.
  • Appointments - improve appointments and reservations by digitally prompting customers.
  • Localized engagement features - enhance the customer experience with local and personal information such as FAQs, amenities, attractions, etc.
  • Social Media - integrate with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

Robust Platform

  • Dynamic Back End Solution -web–based management system includes two-way staff and customer messaging and alerts, content and graphics management, and account management.
  • Analytics - measure ROI with detailed reports on user downloads, user activity, offer redemption, etc.
  • Compatible - with iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Pricing - at only $49 /month Zuzapp delivers the best value in the market with no set up fees, no hidden fees, no extra fees, no surprises. Check out our happy customers.

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